Since a small-scale start in 1992, producing fresh orange juice for the local food market, we have grown into one of the largest producers of chilled and fresh juices and smoothies in Europe, processing more than 100 different kinds of fruit, vegetables and other ingredients.

With more than 50 employees and 3 automatic production lines, we produce a wide range of drinks, juices and smoothies with fruit, vegetables and other natural ingredients like yoghurt and spices every day. We are BRC and SKAL (organic) certified.

We do this both for our own brands Fruity King and the fruit lab, as well as full service co-packing for Private Labels.

Partnership and cooperation are our top priorities. As well as flash pasteurisation, we also use various innovative techniques like Pulse (PEF/FMP) & HPP to extend the shelf-life of our juices and smoothies. These new techniques make it possible to extend shelf-life without compromising the nutritional value and taste of the products. In addition, the extension of the shelf-life has allowed us to supply customers all over Europe and the rest of the world.

Our full range of products also makes our collaborations unique. From delicious premium cold-pressed fresh fruit juice, vegetable boost shots and irresistible yoghurt fruit smoothies, to simple basic fruit smoothies or 100% pure fruit juices.

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